weddingteeth"12 years of orthodontic care with Creekwood Orthodontics, their teeth are beautiful. Megan has had hers off for about 9 years, Erin's off for about 2 years, Nicole the beautiful bride has been 10 years and finally, Becca just got her braces off last week. Their smiles are beautiful. Thanks Dr. Dorsch and staff!" ~Jeannie H  {Kansas City, MO}

"I had an area show up on a panoramic x-ray at the dentist that the general dentist/oral surgeon wanted to take a better look at, so he sent me to Dr. Dorsch. The CBCT scanner and technology in this office is amazing! The office staff was very pleasant and kept me talking to sort of ease my concerns. I had the CBCT scan done in the office and then shortly thereafter had a consult with Dr. Dorsch where we walked through the scan and dissected my skull to look for any abnormalities. That was really cool to be able to see all the different angles the CBCT can show. Quick to get in to have the scan done too. Overall very pleased with the service. Thanks Creekwood Orthodontics for the very pleasant experience!! Go Royals!!” ~Kathryn  {Liberty,  MO}

Over 15 years ago I had my teeth moved to correct a chronic temporal mandibular joint condition. This was  after surgery to correct my TMJ discomfort! Dr. Dorsch put me in braces for 11 months which basically adjusted my bite! It was such a needed adjustment that allowed me to chew on food with ease and without pain! My teeth looked the same as the goal was to adjust my bite! Now, after all this time – I went back to inquire about a retainer that has NEVER broken or flawed after all these years! He tweaked the retainer after I had taken needle nose pliers to it (not recommended- let him do it LOL) and I was on my way! It was good to see the staff as they are, and always have been – OUTSTANDING!!!! If you want an honest opinion and treatment – they have 3 locations: KC, Liberty, & Cameron! Creekwood Orthodontics are the BEST! Thanks all! ~Brandon S.  {Kansas City,  MO}

Dr. Dorsch and his staff are great! I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in braces! ~June H.  {Kansas City,  MO}

My daughter has been in treatment since 9.  Dr. Dorsch has done a great job.  He did everything he could to not have to pull teeth.  When he told me she needed it, as a hesitant mom when all we hear is don't pull teeth I searched for a 2nd opinion.  After confirmation from her dentist and another orthodontist we went ahead and did it.  Her teeth look fabulous and still not finished.  Dr. Dorsch answered all my questions in detail and made sure I was fully aware of what was going on, even made time for me to come in after the office closed to go over some things.  I love his office staff and he's always been patient with me and my daughter.  Thanks Creekwood Orthodontics for giving my daughter a beautiful smile!!! ~Trisha Townsend

My story starts back in 1999 when I was 10 years old.  I had a major overbite my two front teeth were opposite directions.  My mouth was incredibly small and with all that my grandmother choose Dr.  Dorsch.  To this day she will tell you that the reason why she picked him was because he didn't treat her like another paycheck.  He reassured me and my fears.  Let me have my grandmother beside me when I got them on and the first few times I had them adjusted.  Overall I had a great 3 years.  I really wish I could get my pictures.  

Well when I turned 12, 6 months after I got them off.  I started noticing some pain in my mouth and went back to John to see if I needed the retainer adjusted.  Come to find out my wisdom teeth were coming in!

Shocked at the findings I went to a dentist where they confirmed that I would need to get 3 of them removed. Which was not fun, but I'm glad I got them removed.  

Forward a year and at the prime age of preteen 13 I was too cool to wear a retainer and became very irresponsible in wearing it.  I ended up losing it and just never returned to John to get a replacement.  My straight smile lasted for almost 10 years it was when I got married at 23 that I noticed my front teeth started to bend outward and I really decided when I got our our wedding photos back and in almost all the pictures I had one tooth sticking out in all the pictures!

Needless to say I was upset and embarrassed to show my wedding photos off.  I decided then to get my braces back on and get my smile back that I was once PROUD to show!

I love the staff!  I feel like family I will actually be sad the day I get my braces off because I really do enjoy seeing everyone! 

I never wait I think the longest I have waited was 15 minutes and they were even busy!

I recommend everyone to him and his staff, great doctor and a professional!  Will give the honest truth about every dollar you are spending!  After I'm done I will be taking my two children to him easily! ~Ceally J Patterson

I've had an amazing experience with Dr. Dorsch!  He listens to my concerns and makes my smile beautiful!!  I would go back any day for a follow up.  You don't have to wait very long, he has many patients but makes each one feel understood and heard.  Thank you for a great experience!! I encourage everyone to go and check it out.   ~Natalie Dameron

I just fell in love with this office.  Had an emergency with my nine year olds braces Friday night.  I called the office expecting a voice mail but to my surprise Dr. Dorsch was still there.  We came in and fixed her up in less than 5 minutes. ~Shana Sutgrey

At 71, my dentist referred me to Dr. Dorsch because I was having a problem with my bite.  She told me he was an excellent orthodontist and would evaluate my situation and me his expert opinion.  I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Dorsch.  He did X-Rays, an exam and discussed in depth what I wanted as the end result of treatment.  He listened to me and made his evaluation.  He said the problem could be resolved with braces for two years, which come at a price, or I could continue with my dentist who "was doing everything right".  He really felt that I would be much happier continuing the treatment plan I was on with my dentist.  You don't have an experience like this very often.  If you are trying to decide on an orthodontist, I highly recommend Dr. Dorsch. ~Karen Sue Arbaugh Alberts 

Today we embarked upon a new journey! My 13 year old daughter had her braces put on in Dr. Dorsch's Gladstone office.  She was very nervous and not sure how to feel about all the 'stories' both positive and slightly scary she had heard leading up to today.  The whole experience went off without a hitch!  She walked out of that office all smiles with absolutely no complaints!  They gave her Tylenol before we left, answered all her questions and were wonderful to her!  The office staff is amazing and Dr. Dorsch has such a great relationship with his patients!  He is wonderful at what he does but also related to the kid!  To top it all off we received a phone call from Dr. Dorsch himself at 8:20pm just to check on Emily and how she's feeling!  Impressed and humbled by his genuine care for his patients is a complete understatement to how we feel!  As a mother I just want to hug him and as a patient, I feel like the monetary amount for braces is nothing compared to the level of care and compassion Dr. Dorsch and his staff show their patients!!  Thank you for making today a painless, fun of experience full of giggles that Emily and I will treasure forever! ~Kim Akey-Potts

My son has been to Dr. Dorsch twice for a spacer.  Dr. Dorsch was very informative going over my sons x-rays and pictures and explaining what he was going to do.  We go to his Cameron office and I really like how they utilized an old building and remodeled it rather than building a new building.  Thank you Dr.! ~Shana Spear​

I love the fact that I could see the CAT scan and see my daughters teeth and bones in her head.  It made me feel more confident that the braces weren't being done for now but were taking her growth and future into consideration.  The technology used in the office is amazing.  The people there are fantastically nice and helpful! ~Jennifer Cottrell-Cutler

Best ortho ever braces off two weeks!! ~Brooke Truelove


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