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Halloween with Braces 101
Posted on 10/14/2015
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Halloween with Braces 101

Halloween is almost upon us, and we know that means many patients are getting ready for a night full of spooky fun. But while the ghosts, monsters, and zombies may have your hair standing on end, for us, there's one thing that's truly frightful about Halloween - the candy. The sugars in candy can wreak havoc on teeth, and hard or sticky candies can bend or break brackets and wires. For this blog, we're going to give you the most important steps for keeping your braces and teeth clean and healthy this Halloween.

Playing It Safe

The key to a braces-friendly Halloween - and trust us, it hurts us to say this - is no candy. As difficult as it may seem to forego the sugary sweets, the reality is that the hard, sticky, sugary stuff can destroy your braces, resulting in time-consuming and costly repairs that can set your treatment back by months. 

There is some hope, though. If you must eat candy, avoid hard or sticky kinds and settle for soft candies like milk chocolate or Reese's peanut butter cups. To double your safety, try cutting your candy into tiny pieces - that way, it's less likely to interfere. Another trick is to have one "cheat" night and eat all of your Halloween candy in one sitting, as this exposes your teeth to sugar for less time. Finally - and this is the most important part - it's critical to brush your teeth anytime after you've had candy. The sugars in candy interact with bacteria to form acids that eat away at your tooth enamel, and it's crucial to clean away these acids as quickly as possible.

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